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Randy Silvers
08/26/07 07:49am

1) RegionPlot has a problem that is rather odd. See the attached, in which the regions for which inequality1 is satisfied is plotted, then the region for which inequality2 is satisfied, then the region in which both inequality1 and inequality2 are satisfied. This is all correct. But when I try the region in which either is satisfied, using the logical "Or" operator, I get the region in which inequality1 is NOT satisfied by inequality2 is satisfied. Oddly, when I reverse the order, inequality2 || inequality1, the proper region is displayed.

2) ShowLegend is not working consistently, or at least not obviously. In one command, it works, but in another, an error is generated. The Help indicates that ShowLegend should have a graphic followed by a list of, for example, {{box1, text1}} where box1 is a graphic. Clearly, the graphic is being displayed, but the ShowLegend command is returned with three arguments, the first two of which are evaluated. Or I get an error message that PlotLegends`Legend is not a Graphics primitive or directive.


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Graphing oddities with M6 Randy Silvers 08/26/07 07:49am
Re: Graphing oddities with M6 yehuda ben-s... 08/27/07 10:59am
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