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08/28/07 2:54pm


I define a function f(x)=NIntegrate[...]. Then I define a function g(f(x)). Them I want to calculate another function h(g(f(x)))=NIntegrate[...].

So I have NIntegrate inside another NIntegrate. Also, I need to do this over a large range of values, so it takes a lot of time in the computer, and usually it can't compute (have non non-numerical values, etc) well.

is there a general strategy for doing this? I can't seem to find anything in the help. thanks!

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Nintegrate of Nintegrate Perucci 08/28/07 2:54pm
Re: Nintegrate of Nintegrate yehuda ben-s... 08/29/07 3:25pm
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