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Mary V
09/11/07 11:14am

I am having the same problem of copying equation outputs to WORD. I don't need to do this in a niec format, i.e. I tied the formulator and though it prints up the equation very nicely, its more like inserting and equation into the document which is not what I need. I have a very long equation, 60 to 500+ terms. I just want to copy it over to WORD without all the extra programming crap, for example

1\/8 + \[ImaginaryI]\/8)\)\ Bj\ Wij\^2\ \((x2\ x3 + \[ImaginaryI]\ x1\
x4)\)\ \((\(-y1\)\ y2 - 2\ y2\ y3 - 2\ y1\ y4 - y3\ y4 + b\ Bj\ \((y1\
\^2 + y2\^2 + y3\^2 - y4\^2)\))\)\ Cos[\((1 + \[ImaginaryI])\)\ a\ Bi])\)\)\)

which I just want to simple look something like:

Nothing fancy, but I have been copying it over from Mathematica to WORD, then spending HOURS deleting the slashes etc... and making sure that the parentheses are all in place. please let me know if there is any way to copy and paste withoug have to go through the extra procecudure of an equation editor and insert (Not necessary, don't need formal printup of these equations).


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Copying from Mathematica to WORD Mary V 09/11/07 11:14am
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