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m prior
09/18/07 5:18pm

I'm try ing to create pure functions with variable number of arguements. First I build a list of symbols for the arguements. Then I try to use that list in the call to Function[{args},body].

However this does not seem to produce the same effect as if I manual define the arguments. In the automated method the arguments seem to remain unevaluated.

Any ideas why this does not work as expected ... ?

Many thanks in advance,


In[165]:= MakeSymbolArray[v_,size_]:= Map[Symbol[ToString[v]<>ToString[#]]&,Range[1,size]]

In[166]:= sa=MakeSymbolArray[pp,2]
Out[166]= {pp1,pp2}

In[167]:= f=Function[sa,2^pp1 3^pp2]
Out[167]= Function[sa,2^pp1 3^pp2]

In[168]:= f[2,3]
Out[168]= 2^pp1 3^pp2

In[169]:= f=Function[{pp1,pp2},2^pp1 3^pp2]
Out[169]= Function[{pp1,pp2},2^pp1 3^pp2]

In[170]:= f[2,3]
Out[170]= 108

In[171]:= Map[Head,{pp1,pp2}]
Out[171]= {Symbol,Symbol}
Out[172]= {Symbol,Symbol}

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pure function arguement problem m prior 09/18/07 5:18pm
Re: pure function arguement problem yehuda ben-s... 09/23/07 1:49pm
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