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yehuda ben-shimol
09/23/07 1:49pm

Notice that
f = Function[sa, 2^pp1 3^pp2]
returns (in InputForm)
Function[sa, 2^pp1*3^pp2]
that is, the value of variable sa is not transferred to the Function[] body, and this is due to the fact that Function has a HoldAll attribute
{HoldAll, Protected}

so, the way to do it is TO ENFORCE evaluation with an Evaluate function

f = Function[Evaluate[sa], 2^pp1 3^pp2]

f[2,3] will return 108 as expected


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pure function arguement problem m prior 09/18/07 5:18pm
Re: pure function arguement problem yehuda ben-s... 09/23/07 1:49pm
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