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12/13/12 2:16pm

Hi everybody.
I have a system of equality type constraints on different functions with the same variable, but neither FindRoot nor Solve could not give the answer. I was advised to find the solution by plotting graphs of the functions and find the points of their intersections. I can find the way to do that for two functions, but can not for many.
Here is the algorithm
f[x_] := Cos[2*x + 1] - 1
g[x_] := Cos[3*x - 1] - 1
solution = Solve[f[x] == g[x], x][[All, 1, 2]];
Plot[{Tooltip[f[x], f[x]], Tooltip[g[x], g[x]]}, {x, -Pi, Pi},
Epilog -> {Red, PointSize[0.01],
Tooltip[Point[{#, f[#]}], FullSimplify[{#, f[#]}]] & /@ solution},
ImageSize -> 600, PlotStyle -> Thick]

How can I do the same for 3 or 4 functions?

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System with one variable Asatur 12/13/12 2:16pm
Re: System with one variable Bill Simpson 12/16/12 5:32pm
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