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Rhys Ulerich
09/30/07 9:05pm


I'd like to construct or somehow express an orthogonal matrix condition within Mathematica 6. I know I can use something like
Q = Array[q,{3,3}]
to create a symbolic 3x3 matrix, and I can express
the orthogonality constraint as
Q.Transpose[Q] == IdentityMatrix[3]
but I'm not sure how to express it any further. What I've tried with Solve[] hasn't worked.

What I ultimately want is to perform symbolic expression simplification using the assumption/fact that Q is orthogonal, e.g. something like

I've found examples that give a yes/no for if a matrix is orthogonal, but no way to express the condition that one is for symbolic evaluation purposes.

Any help appreciated,

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Constructing an orthogonal matrix Rhys Ulerich 09/30/07 9:05pm
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