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Greg Colbourn
10/01/07 06:54am


When I try and plot multiple graphs in a Do loop I see no output (i.e. no graphs are displayed on the screen) - even when I use Show, and DisplayFunction -> $DisplayFunction. This is my code.


dataset2 =
Table[{data4[[1, i]], data4[[k, i]]}, {i, 2,
Length[data4[[1]]] - 1}];

Show[ListLogLogPlot[{dataset1, dataset2}, ImageSize -> {600, 400},
FrameLabel -> {"x", "Temp (deg C)", "", "pCO2 (ppmv)"},
PlotLabel -> "Combining Scaled Graphs", Joined -> True,
DisplayFunction -> $DisplayFunction],
DisplayFunction -> $DisplayFunction],

{k, 2, nruns}]

Can anyone help?

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graphs in a Do loop Greg Colbourn 10/01/07 06:54am
Re: graphs in a Do loop yehuda ben-s... 10/02/07 07:10am
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