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Mark Harrison
10/11/07 08:08am

Using the jtds_sqlserver and ODBC drivers that are available in Mathematica 5.2 are causing me to experience a Database Busy error when I am running intensive database queries. The Microsoft SQL Server(jTDS) driver that is available in Mathematica 6.0 seems to fix this issue.

Therefore I would like to import the Microsoft SQL Server(jTDS) driver from version 6.0 into version 5.2. Could anybody confirm:

1) We can safely add newer JDBC DB drivers into an earlier version of Mathematica that did not originally include the specific driver?

2) Could this cause any other technical issues?

3) This does not affect our Mathematica techinical support?

4) On a clean machine, what would need to copy to import the driver? I assume I will need the "jtds_sqlserver.m" file and the driver ( Does anybody know where the driver can be found?) I also assume the driver will need to be registered in the CLASSPATH.

Many Thanks


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