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10/19/07 08:25am


I am looking for a way to produce the following ListPlot-Graph in Mathematica:
The graph will contain two different sets of data that share the same x-axis scale (e.g. the time t) but have different y-axis scales. I want the scale of one data set to appear on the left side of the frame and the other one (with a different scale, as mentioned) to appear on the right hand side of the frame.

Is this possible in Mathematica? And, if yes, how?
I know how to place two plots into one graph but so far I have not found a way to produce axes with different scales.

Any help would be highly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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two vertical axes with DIFFERENT scales Chris 10/19/07 08:25am
Re: two vertical axes with DIFFERENT scales yehuda ben-s... 10/20/07 11:17pm
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