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11/24/07 04:56am

Hi All,

I'd like some help with respect to a problem I have with the FindRoot, NSolve and FindInstance functions.
I define the function f as follows:


f[x] returns the root of the equation y^3 + 1 == x, i.e. the value (x-1)^(1/3). f[x] has obviously a
unique root at x=1.

If I now try to find f[x]'s root with FindRoot, for example like


Mathematica (v 5.2) returns error messages and no solution. The same happens if I use instead NSolve
or FindInstance. Can you guys explain why this happens and suggest a remedy? Needless to say, the actual problem
I try to tackle involves much more complicated functions...


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A problem with FindRoot Vassilis 11/24/07 04:56am
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