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12/04/07 1:12pm


I'd like to define Christoffel symbols, which have three indexes. The lower indexes are symmetric. I know that it is possible to define a symmetric fonction f with

SetAttributes[f, Orderless]

but how to define a function G[x,y,z] with only y and z symmetric, that is G[x,y,z] = G[x,z,y]?

In fact, if I enter

SetAttributes[f, Orderless];
G[x_, y_, z_] := h[x, f[y, z]];

then G[1, 2, 3] and G[1, 3, 2] yield both h[1, f[2, 3]] but if I define a value for G[1, 2, 3] then G[1, 3, 2] doesnt yield this value? So anyone knows the trick?

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Christoffel Symbols Ulrich 12/04/07 1:12pm
Re: Christoffel Symbols yehuda ben-s... 12/06/07 05:41am
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