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Mark Perrin
12/23/07 08:14am

This may be a simple question but here goes.

I am writing a small program to import information from a binary file into Mathematica.

I have successfully imported the data into an array which is roughly 20x80000. The size will vary depending on the data imported.

Each column represents a different episodes. I can ListLinePlot a single column, or even two columns on the same graph. However how can I write a procedure that will automatically plot all the columns on a single graph, when the total no of columns varies with each import;

Therefore my final line might be something like:

Show[gph[1], gph[2], gph[3]]

Which will print the first three columns. If I enter gph[1]....gph[20] manually I will achieve the desired result, but I don't want to enter this information manually for every file.

I really want something like:

Show[gph[1]....gph[no.]] where no. = no of columns of data.

Thankyou in advance,


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