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Nikos V
01/25/08 10:41am

Hi all!

I want to do a VectorFieldPlot3D of a Magnetic Field function Bx,By,Bz.

After I call the package with the Needs Command, I write

VectorFieldPlot3D[{Bx,By,Bz}, {x,-4,4,0.1}, {y,-4,4,0.1}, {z,-4,4,0.1}]

My problem is that I want to exclude zero from x, y, and z, that is after -0.1 I want to go straight to 0.1. Zero gives me singularities and infinity errors (denominator etc).

Any ideas?

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VectorFieldPlot3D question Nikos V 01/25/08 10:41am
Re: VectorFieldPlot3D question Xavier 02/25/08 09:42am
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