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01/30/08 10:50am

Fourier Series Expansions and itís Coefficients question revised


I've worked through a Fourier Series Expansion and itís Coefficients and have a better grasp at a how to explain my question. If I'm giving a repeating wave at (T) period of 10 seconds with amplitudes
At 14, 18.7,9,4.1,6.7,6,6.3,8.4,4,2.9 how can I find the Fourier Series Expansions in Trigonometric form using Mathematica 6. Iíve included an example that Iíve worked through below

Iíve been through mathematica's site and they have examples of Fourier Series but the examples they have are examples of equations they give you. Iím looking for an example where the equation isnít known and all youíre given is the waveform, repeating period in seconds and the amplitudes. Like in my example.

Does an example exist? If not what are the steps needed in mathematica to accomplish this.

Tia sal2

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