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12/18/12 09:25am

Hello All,

I keep getting undesirable patterns using Plot3D for regions that are very close to the (x=0,y=0) plane. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong, or how to make this artifact go away? Although it is mostly a cosmetic issue, I would like to understand what is happening.

Here is the code for one example. Please see the attached image for the output I am getting, and note the dark purple ring:

gelWidth = 50;
gelLength = 50;
sourceX = gelWidth/3;
sourceY = gelLength/3;
sourceRadius = 1;

InputInitial[x_, y_] :=
Exp[-Sqrt[(x - sourceX)^2 + (y - sourceY)^2]^2/(2*(sourceRadius/

InputInitialPlot =
Plot3D[InputInitial[x, y], {x, 0, gelWidth}, {y, 0, gelLength},
PlotRange -> All, PlotPoints -> 100]

Attachment: Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 10.19.16 AM.png, URL: ,

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