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Mark Perrin
02/01/08 5:22pm

I am trying to fit some fairly basic data to a fairly basic equation- her are the data points:

fitdata={{100, 0.970304}, {500, 0.916469}, {1000, 0.855484}, {2000, 0.669234}}

and the equation:

hill = 1/(1 + (dose/conc)^h)

So to fit this data:

FindFit [fitdata, hill, {{dose}, {conc}} , h]

But I keep getting this error:

FindFit::nrlnum: The function value {0.249342+0.302416 \
\[ImaginaryI],-0.498226+<<18>> \[ImaginaryI],<<1>>,-0.905716+0.348 \
\[ImaginaryI]} is not a list of real numbers with dimensions {4} at \
{dose,h} = {-475.827,-0.777316}. >>

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

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