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12/19/12 2:49pm

Hi, I'm using Mathematica for my thesis and I have a problem to show the axis labels and legend.
I have to study the transient ignition and a the end of my program I have a matrix with a lot of data (such as temperature, pressure, composition) and I have to plot this data.
My data depend by initial conditions, for example I have four different initial condition and so I have 4 vector for temperature, 4 vector for pressure and 4 vector for composition.
To plot this data I used that code:

in matrix there are the data, in matrix[[1]] the are the 4 vector of temperature, in matrix[[2]] there are the same of pressure and in matrix[[3]] there tha the same of composition

plotPressure = {}; plotTemperature = {}; plotComposition = {};

pl = ListPlot[matrix[[1]]];
AppendTo[plotTemperature, pl];
pl = ListPlot[matrix[[2]]];
AppendTo[plotPressure, pl];
pl = ListPlot[matrix[[3]]];
AppendTo[plotComposition, pl],
{k, 1, Length[matrix]}];

To view the graphics I use Show:


What I wrote is an example to better understand my program, so far I haven't any problem. Now I want to show axis label and legend, I done many test: insert axeslabel and plotlegend inside a loop or inside a Show but I can't to show them.
Any ideas?

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