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02/29/08 9:24pm


I'm new to Mathematica and am trying to numerically solve a system of three differential equations:

\!\(\*SuperscriptBox["T", "\[Prime]",
MultilineFunction->None]\)[t] ==
T[t] (b F[t] - Subscript[k, 2] L[t] - Subscript[k, 1]*T[t]),
\!\(\*SuperscriptBox["F", "\[Prime]",
MultilineFunction->None]\)[t] ==
Subscript[g, 1]*
F[t] (1 - F[t] - Subscript[d, 1] L[t] - Subscript[d, 2] T[t]),
\!\(\*SuperscriptBox["L", "\[Prime]",
MultilineFunction->None]\)[t] ==
Subscript[g, 1] (1 - L[t]) L[t] + m L[t] (1 - T[t]), T == 0,
F == 0, L == 0}, {T, F, L}, {t, 100}]

Yeah, there are a lot of unknown parameters in there. I keep getting the error

NDSolve::dvnoarg: The function T appears with no arguments.

Can anyone enlighten me as to why Mathematica is doing this? And hopefully propose a way to fix it?

Thanks in advance,


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