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12/21/12 12:59pm

In Response To 'Additional questions'
1. a) The documentation on Count talks about patterns, so you need to read up on patterns. The first few sections of
should help.

1. b)
In[1]:= data10 = RandomReal[{-1, 1}, {10}]

This pattern says to match one of anything, so long as it is a negative number.

In[3]:= Count[data10, _?Negative]

Out[3]= 3

If the values you are looking for are deeper than the first level, use a "level specification" to say how deep to drill.

In[4]:= Count[Table[data10, {100}], _?Negative, 2]

Out[4]= 300

Coefficient for first iteration.

dat = Pension;

The ":=" (SetDelayed) is not needed because the whole line will be evaluated each iteration.

dat = dat*(Risky*Exp[mu + sigma* RandomReal[NormalDistribution[0, 1]]] +
Riskless*Exp[riskfree]) - draw, {10}]

"dat" will have the final value after the loop finishes.

Starting user-variable names with capital letters risks conflict with current or future built-in names.

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