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04/25/08 3:14pm

I tried to solve an IDE by using LaplaceTransform, then solving for a variable and transforming it back to time domain.

However, the last step did not work. Mathematica is not able to get a solution. Now I wonder why.

I typed the following:

q := ej[t] ==
esj + Integrate[(1/K2)*m[t - z]*(D[f[z], z] - D[K1*ej[z], z]), {z,
0, t}]

LaplaceTransform[q, t, s]

Solve[%, LaplaceTransform[ej[t], t, s]]

InverseLaplaceTransform[%, s, t] // TraditionalForm

Anyone an idea why the last step didn't work?
Would be glad about any help.


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