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Eric W.
05/21/08 9:27pm


I have a base region comprised of 2 parabolic functions. I also have a semi-ellipse as a typical dx slice, and the length of the ellipse(long side) is the length of the base region (e.g. top function minus bottom function). The ratio for the length of the semi-ellipse and it's height have already been established.

My question is: Is there any way in Mathematica that I can plot the base region, and then have it plot on the same view, a 3D representation of the slices on top of the base region. It will basically be an integral in the dx direction with predetermined delta Xes (i.e. the thickness of each slice).

If someone knows the syntax/code for this, I will be most grateful.

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solid sections Eric W. 05/21/08 9:27pm
Re: solid sections Randy Silvers 05/30/08 05:25am
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