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05/29/08 09:44am

hello all,
i want to solve a PDE by discretizing in one variable and solving for the other one with NDSolve. unfortunately this second variable also appears in my discretization points and mathematica cannot handle this in a straightforward way.
let me post a simple example:

n = 10; x0 = 1; x1 = 10;
eq1 := {D[ff[j][x], x] == ff[problem][x], ff[j][x0] == j^2}
problem := IntegerPart[x]

eqsystem := Flatten[Table[eq1, {j, 1, n}]]
funs := Flatten[Table[ff[j], {j, 1, n}]];
test := NDSolve[eqsystem, funs, {x, x0, x1}][[1]];

i want to solve for ff[j][x] but mathematica cannot evaluate problem during the execution of NDSolve. Does anyone know how to fix this?
Many thanks

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