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Andrew Chatto
10/12/98 09:01am

The links in the help system seem to be a bit confused. Often it will get in a state where ''it can not get there from here''. I'll try to express the behavior as best as I can.

I browse the help. I look at ''Mathematica Book'':''Reference Guide'':''Basic Objects'':''Expressions'' And read the topic. Then I move to ''Mathematica Book'':''Reference Guide'':''Input Syntax'':''Expressions'' using the combo box panes in the help browser. No text will appear. If I close the help system, and browse immediately to the second topic, it does appear. However, if I browse to the first topic, it won't appear. (It appears to me that the topics are divided into two books, and can't find each other.)

I am using Windows NT 4.0, and Mathematica (Student).

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Quirky help system Andrew Chatto 10/12/98 09:01am
Re: Quirky help system Forum Modera... 10/12/98 11:19am
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