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06/04/08 11:41am

I'm having problems with Nonlinearregress in Mathematica 6.0.

NonlinearRegress[part1, a2*(Exp[b2*x] - 1) + c2*x, startpoints, x,
AccuracyGoal -> 5, PrecisionGoal -> 5, MaxIterations -> 500,
RegressionReport -> BestFitParameters

I get these error messages:
FindFit::nrlnum: The function value {0.+(-1.+2.71828^(0. b2)) a2+0. \
c2,0.104632+(-1.+2.71828^(0.195816 b2)) a2+0.195816 c2,<<8>>,<<92>>} \
is not a list of real numbers with dimensions {102} at {a,b,c} = \

NonlinearRegress::fitfail: The fitting algorithm failed.

...and then it returns the Nonlinearregress[].

I need access to the BestFitParameters next.
Any ideas?

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