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06/04/08 1:46pm

According to the documentation, this code seems to be okay, but neither line or splot (when I run them without the semicolon) or Show will display a graphic. Ideas?

secondfit=Fit[second, {1,x}, x]; (*second is a list defined earlier; secondfit evaluates to 41.1255-7.27031 x for one set of data*)
maxtime=Max[ltime]; (*ltime is a list defined earlier*)

line = Plot[secondfit, {x, 0.8, maxtime},
DisplayFunction -> Identity];
splot = ListPlot[second, PlotRange -> All, DisplayFunction -> Identity];
Show[line, splot]

I get the error Set::write: "Tag Times in 50 [shows a blank graph] is Protected."

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Show Plot and List Plot Meaghan 06/04/08 1:46pm
Re: Show Plot and List Plot Forum Modera... 07/18/08 07:18am
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