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Kenneth Gage
10/13/98 11:20pm

I am having a great deal of trouble setting up a notebook to declare variables and functions, take the derivative of a function, and numerically solve an ordinary differential equation that depends on the aforementioned derivative. I have spent many hours reading the online help, which I found difficult to understand, mostly because a relatively complex example was not available. I desire to use a 4th order Runge-Kutta technique to solve the ODE (I do not care that Runge-Kutta may not be the most efficient.) If anyone has a good example that sets the problem up in a visually pleasing and clear manner so that it may be followed by others, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Solving ODE in a pleasant format... Kenneth Gage 10/13/98 11:20pm
Re: Solving ODE in a pleasant format... Forum Modera... 10/17/98 08:49am
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