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Chris Langer
10/17/98 10:15am

As I understand, the PlotPoints option for the Plot[] function specifies how many sample points are taken from the function being plotted. These points are evenly distributed across the domain. I would like to be able to distribute these sample points linearly over the log domain for the LogLogPlot[] function. For example, say my domain is 4 decades long and I wish to have PlotPoints->40, I would like 10 sample points taken per decade. How do I do this? I think the PlotPoints->n option takes the sample points linearly over the domain even in the LogLogPlot[] function. Thanks for you help.


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PlotPoints option in LogLogPlot Chris Langer 10/17/98 10:15am
Re: PlotPoints option in LogLogPlot Forum Modera... 10/17/98 10:17am
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