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06/24/08 3:47pm

Hi all,

Attached is a notebook file which documents briefly the problem I not so clearly described a few days ago (thanks Yehuda and Gopinath for your answers, would you mind taking a second look at the attached notebook?).

I have a list of triplets {x,y,f} that I want to interpolate over the (x,y) domain. Mathematica does something like that if I simply use the command ListPlot3D[] and get a nice 3D plot.

But if I ask to create the linear interpolation using the command Interpolation[], I get the error message: "Interpolation::indim: The coordinates do not lie on a structured tensor product grid."

Does this mean that Mathematica is able to create a 3D linear interpolation object only if the grids on the domain are equally spaced?! But so how come it creates the 3D plot without problems?

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