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06/24/08 11:45pm

Hi. I receive the following error message:

t /. Last[
FindMaximum[-0.000010119272491769658` (-44866.426159230505` +
6224.785134057956` Cos[0.6771868544600851` t] +
33374.84439767048` Cos[1.8182610318615486` t] -
13522.453319301145` Cos[2.495447886321634` t] +
260.2499468032107` Cos[4.313708918183182` t]), {t, 5}]]

FindMaximum::lstol: The line search decreased the step size to within \
tolerance specified by AccuracyGoal and PrecisionGoal but was unable \
to find a sufficient increase in the function. You may need more \
than MachinePrecision digits of working precision to meet these \
tolerances. >>

What am I supposed to do?

URL: ,

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