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06/28/08 03:35am


I am currently using RandomSample to take a set of elements from a list. There seem to be a problem, or I missed something.

Consider this command:
Length[Union[RandomSample[Range[12]^341, 8]]]
This is expected to return 8, since we want a sample of 8 elements from a list of 12 elements. The result is fine.

Now, consider this command:
Length[Union[RandomSample[Join[Range[12]^341, {1, 1, 1}], 8]]]
I just add some other values, 1, which are really different from the other ones, and the result seems weird to me: if you evaluate 10 times this command, you can get "6", "7" or "8" ... though I would expect only "8" as a result.

Is it a problem of Mathematica or have I missed something ? Thanks for your help.



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