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06/30/08 10:34am

Hey all, I am trying to find a fit to some data such that c = e^a*d^b where a,b,c are constants. I plus in
FindFit[data, {10^((Log[(c - d*e)/(e^a)])/b)}, {a, b, c, d}, e] and the error i get is

FindFit::nrlnum: The function value {-74.9229+0.807965 \
\[ImaginaryI],-75.9232+0.807603 \[ImaginaryI],<<7>>,-93.9256+0.804308 \
\[ImaginaryI],<<37>>} is not a list of real numbers with dimensions \
{47} at {a,b,c,d} = {1.,1.,1.,1.}. >> so not sure what to do, keep trying to mess with it, but no to no avail

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Findfit problems james 06/30/08 10:34am
Re: Findfit problems Forum Modera... 07/18/08 06:38am
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