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Jonathan Mitchell
10/20/98 3:08pm

I'm having trouble sometimes with the Calculus&Mathematica notebooks and the mathematical characters that should be describing some of the problems I'm doing. When I first opened one of the Calculus&Mathematica notebooks which ends in .ma, I got an error message that said, ''the notebook you tried to open is in an old format and needs to be converted.'' It then asked me whether I wanted to 1. ''Convert Input Cells to standard form'' 2. ''Convert Output Cells to standard form'' 3. ''Preserve customized style sheet'' 4. ''Generate Bitmap caches for all graphic cells'' 5. ''Convert all notebooks in folder.'' The first time I did this it ended up creating two additional files for every old file that existed and a lot of the characters in the notebook were messed up. How should I go about converting these files? How do I see the files and the characters as they were intended to be seen? Essentially, how do I get mathematica to run smoothly with these Calculus&Mathematica notebooks? Please let me know ASAP. Thank you for your help.
                              Jonathan Mitchell

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