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07/30/08 08:05am

Dear Mathematica specialists,
I have written a function to calculate the Poisson equation, namely a differential equation. It works well, and I can plot the result. The next step would be to integrate a function containing this result, and this does not work... can someone help me ? Hereafter I describe the problem in detail:
First I define

chargetest[z_,s_]:=Which[z<=0,0,z>0 && z<=s, rho,z>s,0]

Then I define my function


I can call it with


and it works, plotting the result.

My problem is that I now want to replace the Plot function above by


... and I get an "integrand not numerical" error message. And this I do not understand: I can plot <resultat> but not calculate with it ??

Thanks very much in advance

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