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08/25/08 5:27pm


I've found numerous examples of interpolation in Mathematica online and in the help. However, in every case they make use of a complete table of data generated from a function. In real life, my data comes from scattered data points which don't fit on a neat grid, so the Interpolation function does nothing for me. Ironically, ListPlot3D does exactly what I want: I can see what I'm looking for, which is my data linearly interpolated with polygons. Is there any way to make Interpolation function like ListPlot3D?

I found a similar question in the archives from a few months ago, but the answer once again just made an example from a table.

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listplot3d vs. interpolation jeffk 08/25/08 5:27pm
Re: listplot3d vs. interpolation george 11/06/08 09:33am
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