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10/27/98 11:14am


Do you know how to solve systems of Inequalities by using

Mathematica ( what is the method and commands ).

I need this method to solve the following problem

Given 1>a>b>c>0 and ac>=b^2 , Is there exist unique solution for x,y

such that x,y satisfy the following inequalities:

1) t>=0

2) c-t>=0

3) a^2-ab-c+t>=0

4) a-b-2a^2+2ab+c-t>=0

5) 1-4a+3b+3a^2-3ab-c+t>=0, where

t= x(-b+c-ab+a^2) + y(ac-ab-b(a^2)+a^3) +(b+b^2-a^2).

Thank you and please send your reply to


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