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09/01/08 07:53am

I've trying to put my Uniform quadratic B-spline formula into human readable form.
So it was like:
(0.5`) * {t^2, t, 1} . {{1, -2, 1}, {-2, 2, 0}, {1, 1, 0}} . {P[[i - 1]], P[[i]], P[[i + 1]]};

And I've got output like this:
{2., 2.5}

After translating it into Matrix form, I've got output like this:
{{{2, 5/2}}}

It is correct, but I've got no idea how to remove these nested lists. I think problem in following form interpretation:
horizontal matrix (t^2 t 1)
and vertical matrix

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MatrixForm and Lists interpretation Andrew 09/01/08 07:53am
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