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09/05/08 11:44am

SphericalHarmonicY[l,m,pi/2,0] is supposed to be equal to SphericalHarmonicY[l,m,-pi/2,0] as they both are analytically written in terms of LegendreP[l,m,0] (as Cos[ +- pi/2 ] = 0). But they give out different answers. Try for example SphericalHarmonicY[1,1,pi/2,0 and the same with -pi/2.

It does this because it changes the Ylm's in terms of trig functions.(see documentation center's first example for SphericalHarmonicY)

Just wanted to confirm it. I thing using Abs[] will overcome this problem.

So does anyone agree?

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Bug in SphericalHarmonicY??? Abhay 09/05/08 11:44am
Re: Bug in SphericalHarmonicY??? rc 09/17/08 1:50pm
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