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09/08/08 7:42pm

I have been enjoying mathematica, for a bit. While some might consider me a minimalist, I enjoy the text-based interface over the notebook style usage. However I severely miss the ability to move the cursor left and right for editing a single line. The documentation itself suggests pasting lines, but most of my pasting requires a little editing too. So instead of pasting whole lines of input, I resort to partial line paste, adding different text, then pasting the remaining relevant portion of a line.

Is there any way to be able to freely move the cursor on a line? I have obviously tried the arrow keys, and also have tried emacs style movements as well with no luck (ctrl-b ctrl-f for backwards and forewards). Any suggestions?

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Text-based interface editing lines Ken 09/08/08 7:42pm
Re: Text-based interface editing lines Ken 09/09/08 9:48pm
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