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09/30/08 08:27am


The Mathematica 6.0.1 code below, creates a 3D plot.

Clear[map, grid, R, r, u, w]
map = Rasterize["\t\tTorus\t\t", "RGBColor", ImageSize -> {150, 30}];
grid = Take[Dimensions[map, 2] - 1];
R = 10;
r = 2;
ParametricPlot3D[{(R + r Cos[2 Pi u]) Cos[2 Pi w], -(R + r Cos[2 Pi u])
Sin[2 Pi w], r Sin[2 Pi u]}, {u, 0, 1}, {w, 0, 1},
Mesh -> Reverse[grid], MeshStyle -> None,
MeshFunctions -> {#5 &, #3 &}, MeshShading -> map,
PlotStyle -> White, Lighting -> "Neutral",
Background -> LightCyan, Axes -> True,
AxesLabel -> {"x", "y", "z"}, Boxed -> True,
ViewPoint -> {-10.5, -3, 0.75}, ImageSize -> 500]

It outputs a torus with the word "Torus" written on the surface upside down. I can rotate the plot upside down with the mouse for the word "Torus" to look correct, but then the z axis shows -2 on top and 2 on the bottom. I want to show the plot box, coordinate axes and axes labels in the plot in a normal right hand coordinate configuration, with the text "Torus" rightside up.

How do I do that?



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