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Smitha Raghunathan
10/02/08 11:05am

I am tyring to solve a mixed 4th order partial differential equation. It is of the form (with various constants in front of the terms):

(D[u[t,x],{t,2}] + D[u[t,x],{t,3}] + D[u[t,x],{t,4}]) - (D[u[t,x],{x,2}] + D[u[t,x],{x,2},{t,1}] + D[u[t,x],{x,2},{t,2}) == 0

My initial conditions/boundary conditions are:

u[0,x] == Exp[-x^2]

u[t,xmax] == 0
u[t,xmin] ==0

Iím having issues with how to specify the initial boundary conditions (how many do I need, and how to express them).

Any helpful hints/suggestions would be great!


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