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Amanda Hazel
10/03/08 9:21pm


I really don't have any experience in Mathmatica programing; I am working with a program that generates a sccatterplot of probable parabolic motion depending on elevation angle,azmiuth angle, wind vectors, intial speed, and a selected number of trials through a series of equations.

Is there a way to output a table of the data points that are generated in addition to the graph?

I would like to make a histogram of the data in order to analyze it from a statistics stand point. I would be making a histogram for the x and y values seperately.

Multiple "Row boxes" and "Cell Changing Time" are used. Sorry this is so vague-- I understand if my question can't be answered due to the lack of specifics. Attached is the program that I am working with.


Attachment: ProjectileNotebook.nb, URL: ,
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