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10/07/08 8:35pm

Hi all,

I am using NMinimize with the NelderMead method to minimize f[x,y]. I want to collect all the evaluations of the f[x,y] required by NMinimize and I understand that this can be accomplished using EvaluationMonitor with Reap.

However if I include a counter within f[x,y] I see that f[x,y] is evaluated around 3 times the number of values which are returned by EvaluationMonitor. Anybody knows the reason and how I can collect these additional evaluations? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Btw, this is the syntax I am using to reap the evaluations from NMinimize taken from the Mathematica Help:
Reap[NMinimize[{f[x,y], x>0 && x<1 && y>0 && y<1}, {x,y}, Method -> "NelderMead",
EvaluationMonitor :> Sow[{f[x,y],x,y}]]]

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