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10/20/08 12:31pm

When running the following, first there is a 'rough' plot followed by the final smooth plot. What is the rough plot and how could I make it the final plot? What is this plotting stutter?

bb = {Sin[t] (E^Cos[t] - 2 Cos[4 t] + Sin[t/12]^5),
Cos[t] (E^Cos[t] - 2 Cos[4 t] + Sin[t/12]^5 )};
ParametricPlot[{bb}, {t, 0, 21 Pi}, Axes -> None,
ColorFunction -> "Rainbow", PlotStyle -> {Thickness[num]}],
{{num, .025, "thickness"}, 0, .05, .01, Appearance -> "Labeled"}]


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