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10/21/08 8:11pm


I have this routine in Mathematica 6, that imports .tiff frames, which I later analyzed. typically 500 frames at time are imported for analysis (frames are about 256x320 pixel array, about 160 kB each frame).

All works well until after a few times (may be 3 or 4) processing bacthes of 500 frames. I get the ubiquitous "No memory available. Kernel Shut down, etc.". I have to shut down Mathematica restart and the whole computer becomes noticaebly slower.

how can I mitigate this problem?

below is the part of the routine in question that crashes the memory after a few uses:

filesRawOrder = FileNames["Frame*.tif", "F:\\.......\\"];

NumElemInListtoPick = 500;
filesOrdered =
Sort[filesRawOrder, StringLength[#2] < StringLength[#1] &]],

images = Import[#, "TIFF"] & /@ filesOrdered;

images = Import[#, "TIFF"] & /@ filesOrdered;
ImagePBackP = (images[[1, 1]][[1]] - 2^15);
g[x_] := If[x <= 0, 0, x]

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