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Luis Martinez
10/23/08 8:21pm

Hi, I've been given a lab assignment to work at school using minitab. I would much prefer to try this with mathematica but I am not sure how to start. The lab calls for a chi-square distribution but there are more variables in the problem than i know how to use. Can someone point me in the right direction (i'm not interested in a solution to the assignment, just how to use mathematica and the chi-square distribution function. Here is the actual lab for reference:

We will use Minitab to simulate independent repetitions of an experiment that uses a sample size of n.
(a) Simulate 1000 replications of an experiment with n = 10 from a population with a chi-square
distribution with one-degree of freedom. This population has a mean = 1 and standard deviation
σ = 1.414.
Select CALC > RANDOM DATA > Chi-Square.
Generate 1000 rows of data in columns C1C10 from the Chi-Square Distribution with 1 degree
of freedom.
Select CALC> Row Statistics > check Mean, Input Variables C1C10 , Store result in C11 .
(b) At this point, we have one-thousand sample means stored in column C11. Each sample mean is
the average of n = 10 data points.
Select STAT > Basic Statistics > Display Descriptive Statistics. Select the variable in C11.
Calculate the theoretical values,
X and σ
X for n = 10. Are they close to the sample mean and
sample standard deviation in the Minitab output?

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