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10/28/08 07:23am

Hi all,
I got a weird problem with NMinimize, I've attached the notebook.

Basically it seems to work for a while (The notebook attached works) but when I set the iterations from 200 to something more (you can try 220), I got this error:

NMinimize::nnum: The function value 2.31704+2097152 (<<1>>)^2 \
40929,2.02622,<<44>>}]]]] is not a number at {Subscript[p, \
1],Subscript[p, 2],Subscript[p, 3],Subscript[p, 4],Subscript[p, \
5],Subscript[p, 6],Subscript[p, 7],Subscript[p, 8],Subscript[p, \
9],Subscript[p, 10],<<44>>} = \
40929,2.02622,<<44>>}. >>

Please I need help for my master thesis :(


Ciro Guariglia

Attachment: minimization.nb, URL: ,
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