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Ken Leonard
10/29/08 07:47am

I am using Mathematica 6 in MSWindows XP.

I am building a rather long-running Monte Carlo simulation and would like to display a "countdown" as I am accustomed to doing in plain old Unix "C" programs.

That is, I would like to display the loop-iteration counter every 100th iteration or 500th iteration or such _without_ generating new line of output each time.

I could do this in "plain old Unix" by using backspace characters and carriage-return-suppress, or by using space characters and carriage-return-only in a simple Print statement with the count value--so a single output like would look sort of like an odometer counting up or down.

But I just cannot figure out the incantation to do this in Mathematica!

How can I show a running countdown (or countup) on just one like while the solution is running?


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