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10/29/08 3:13pm

Hello, I've been having some trouble plotting using the CylindricalPlot3D function in Mathematica 5.2. For some reason it won't give me a graphic when I try to plot the following.

<< Graphics`ParametricPlot3D`
CylindricalPlot3D[r^2*Cos[theta], {r, 0, 1}, {theta, 0, 2Pi}]

I have been able to plot with ParametricPlot3D and SphericalPlot3D, but for some reason I can't seem to get CylindricalPlot3D to work for any function.

Is there something wrong?

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Cylindrical Plot Dwayne 10/29/08 3:13pm
Re: Cylindrical Plot Bill 10/31/08 1:19pm
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