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Lubina Grigorova
12/30/12 04:36am


I am using RandomVariate to generate pseudo random numbers from a Negative Binomial distribution.

It works perfectly fine but for my study I need to know what method for generation it uses.

I found that there are five methods for random number generation:

"Congruential", "ExtendedCA", "Legacy", "MersenneTwister", "MKL", "ParallelGenerator", "ParallelMersenneTwister" and "Rule30CA"

But these are not an option for RandomVariate.

Do you know where could find more information?

URL: ,

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RandomVariate how does it work? Lubina Grigo... 12/30/12 04:36am
Re: RandomVariate how does it work? jf 12/30/12 5:36pm
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